I found this place in the winter of 2021–22. At first, I did not know why it was there or realize the significance it held – just a small wood, a pond, some tracks. Now I do. This is a place of memory, somewhere that others unknown have dedicated to remembering. Whoever it was, they deserved better, as we all do. Whoever it was, life did not have to be like this, despite the pressures of plague and war. Whoever it was, they were my brother, as are all men everywhere. These places are not forgotten. In doing our best to remember, we express the act of remembrance itself.
These images are partly inspired by Chloe Dewe Mathews' compelling work, Shot at Dawn, and also by Philip Larkin's poem, 'Why Did I Dream of You Last Night?'. They will form part of a joint exhibition with other members of my Falmouth University graduate cohort later in 2022.
April 2022
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